Welcome To Annasaheb Dange College of B Pharmacy, Ashta

The Annasaheb Dange College of Pharmacy is one of the foremost technical Institute in Western Maharashtra, distinguished by its commitment to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology. Established in 2016 the college is affiliated to Shivaji University, Maharashtra and approved by AICTE, New Delhi, DTE, Mumbai, Govt. of Maharashtra and PCI, New Delhi.

ADCP's campus occupies 33 acres in the heart of the city of Ashta, Sangli...

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Our Vision

To be a leading institute that transform youth power into knowledgeable, skilled & competent pharmacy professionals.

Our Mission

To provide innovative environment, learning opportunities & experience for developing competent pharmacy professionals.

Our Values

We value excellence, innovation, diversity in ideas & in community, academic integrity, freedom & transparency. We also value accountability of resources & responsiveness to changing needs & commitment to the quality education.

Our Vision (D. Pharm)

To create competent pharmacy professionals who can efficiently contribute for the healthcare system of society and to the pharmacy profession.

Our Mission (D. Pharm)

1: To nurture the right educational environment for personal and professional growth of students.

2: To develop communication and management skills of students to become an successful entrepreneur.

3: To thrive ethical pharmacy professionals with leadership skill to cater health care services for society.

4: To help the students to disseminate acquired knowledge through the fullest commitment for health care services.

Program Educational Objectives (D. Pharm)

On successful completion of D. Pharmacy program, the Diploma graduates shall be able to-

1: Conclusively demonstrate knowledge, skills, attitude and competencies for successful recruitment in various health care related organizations.

2: Realize the vastness of knowledge and pursue higher education in eminent institutes to explore their research and management skills.

3: Plan and Commence with small start-ups in medicine and health care services.

4: Participate voluntarily in non-monetary public welfare activities.

Our Achievements

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • We believe in challenging the currently practiced educational model since that hardly helps students as how to think & how to process ideas/thoughts. This eventually fails to integrate learning & work, two segments of their career. Education in this format is not only meaningless but it is simply wasting valuable resources.
  • We also aware of the consequences of this ‘delinking model’ that influence negatively on students lives since they will not realize the kind of people they become, the sense of purpose they have, the income at their disposal & more importantly they will not realize the social & economic contribution they make to community at all.
  • We believe in thinking differently by adding meaning & integrating powerful influence of formal education on workplace expertise & career advancement by emphasizing transferrable skills.
  • We have designed curriculum which is not only students-friendly but it has maximum transfer value. (Successful peoples apply their previous knowledge & skills to entirely new set of conditions to resolve problems)
  • We have set clear, measurable, realistic & challenging learning goals. We assess learner’s performance by diverse means & teach them by enabling & equipping with knowledge, skills, attitude & competencies in the light of performance goals.
  • To make our educational platform vastly compatible to this widely accepted & effective model, we have developed broad base of ultra-modern infrastructure, facilities & services.
  • To make this model functional at our end, we have high-paid, well experienced & highly-trained faculty members which are not only specialists in their subject area but also well-versed with requisite pedagogy & are fully tuned to the specific learning needs of the students.
  • To make this model successful, we have developed well-designed ‘Student Support Services’ that not only ensures student’s safety & comfort but it also facilitates personalization of learning & enriching educational experience during campus stay.
  • We believe that this new approach of education can develop smart, intelligent, & empathetic leaders & more importantly, we are passionate to deliver such leaders to the society.

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