Mechanism Alumni Association Cell

Mechanism Alumni Association Cell

Alumni association often organizes social events, publish newsletters or magazines, and raise funds for the organization. Many provide a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections to their educational institution and fellow graduates. Additionally, such groups are often support new alumni, and provide a forum to form new friendships and business relationships with people of similar background. Alumni association involve in activities such as: to contribute for the development of institute and its alumni through improvement and development of educational strategies and programs; provision of financial and material support; and enhancing networking and career development among the alumni.

Alumni association is assisting institute in following ways:

  • Provide support to the library by donating the library resources.
  • Advice on the improvement of educational strategies and programs.
  • Alumni are acted as resource person for seminars, conference, lecturers
  • Alumni are also assisting in accommodating fresher’s for industrial training, training of faculty, demonstration of sophisticated instruments etc.
  • Alumni are also assisting in placement of fresher’s, getting samples of drugs & fine chemicals, PG projects, MOU with industry etc.
  • Alumni are also helping students by encouraging & motivating by sponsoring awards, scholarships, Assistance-ships, sponsoring social & academic activities etc.

In initial stage, association is small & new & dependent on college authorities for its activity. As association grow larger, the cell is expected to train them & focus on the objectives such as (i) to contribute towards the improvement of the current as well as the development of new curriculum and programs of the institute; (ii) to raise financial and material resources for efficient and effective teaching and learning as well as the general well-being of students of the institute; (iii) to develop and help maintain active alumni interactions and enhance the image of the institute through self-enrichment, career development and role modeling in the society.

The cell is expected to assist association in organizing various schemes/events such as schemes for needy students, prizes, awards etc. & organizing career guidance programs, social & scientific events etc.

Evolve mechanism for documented process of feedback from alumni on course structure, infrastructural & other support systems & quality of educational practices opted by the institute & forwards these reports/observations to the Internal Quality Assurance Cell for their assessment.

  • Maintain all relevant records such top ten alumni, entrepreneur alumni, Alumni working abroad, Alumni selected at higher positions in state/central government etc.
  • Prepare budget for the cell for approval in the month of April & forward activity plan of next academic session for incorporation into Academic Planner.
  • Report summary to the head of institute in the form of resources available, systems or mechanisms evolved & impact. Identify deviations from predetermined norms if any & incorporate statements in the summary report on possible remedies/ further actions.


  • To keep a roster of all Alumni of college and their pertinent data.
  • Maintaining the updated and current information of all Alumni.
  • To encourage, foster and promote close relations among the alumni themselves.
  • To promote a sustained sense of belonging to the Alma Mater among the Alumni by being in regular contact with them.
  • To provide and disseminate information regarding their Alma Mater, its graduates, faculties and students to the Alumni.
  • To assist and support the efforts of JNGEC in obtaining funds for development.
  • To guide and assist Alumni who have recently completed their courses of study at the JNGEC to keep them engaged in productive pursuits useful to the society.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Collection of all data of alumni like name, Email id, job profile.
  • Made regular contact with alumni for their improvement in society and Pharma field.
  • To Make industry-institute interaction for better development of students
  • To Arrange Guest lectures of alumni bridge gap between syllabus and actual industrial work as per regulatory bodies.
  • Plan of to conduct yearly Annual alumni meet.

Norms for Constitution of Committee

  • Principal as a President.
  • One faculty member as a Vice-President.
  • One faculty member as a Secretary/Treasurer.
  • One faculty member as an assistant head.
  • Other selective final year students as a members.