Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness

Member of Health Care Team

According to author ZigZiglar, "Life is an echo." What you send out comes back, and what you sow, you reap. Hence, along with the thrust and priority of creating competent pharmacy professionals who efficiently contribute to the healthcare system of society and to the pharmacy profession, the Annasaheb Dange College of B. Pharmacy at Ashta also maintains its practises as a member of the healthcare team. Eventually, our organisation is not only provide quality education to produce knowledgeable, skilled pharmacists but also fulfil our duties towards society. At the current date, the thing that is most needed by society is a human values education, which should be inculcated in the young generation, and among the human values most essential is humanity. Our motto is "spread humanity," and for us, humanity means caring for and helping others whenever and wherever possible. Being an education institute in the pharmacy field, we feel that it is our prime responsibility to help society by taking care of its health.

Educator for young healthcare team

We consider our students to be messengers of society who reach and enlighten almost every member of society, directly or indirectly. Hence, through the regular teaching and learning process, we prepare them well to act as competent pharmacy professionals. Our consistent academic records reflect the efforts we made to shape the next generation of health care professionals. We also believe that educational institutes play a prime role in creating sensitive human beings. Henceforth, we organise several programmes to create awareness among students about various diseases and health challenges. To date, Annasaheb Dange College of B Pharmacy has organised 14 student awareness programs. The feedback received from students about such a programme confirms that it serves the purpose of enhancing the knowledge of students. Such knowledgeable and confident students participated in social awareness rallies organised by the institute and performed remarkably well. Similarly, the villagers with whom our student has interacted expressed their positive views and appreciated his knowledge level. This supports our claim of being an educator for young healthcare teams.

Beacon of hope for solving health issues of society

It is necessary to be always grateful towards society, in which we exist and grow endlessly; henceforth, the institute believes taking care of the health of society is its prime goal. Through various activities, help is delivered to society whenever it is needed. As per the survey of the local community and related studies, it was noted that several health issues arising in society are due to people's ignorance of the disease, its causative agents, and the incubation period of the disease. The local community struggles while fighting against vector-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, etc. Hence, we conducted a special awareness session about dengue disease. In that session, aspects related to causes, prevention, diet, and herbal remedies for the treatment of disease were discussed. We conducted rallies in a local village to make people aware of diseases as well. To prevent the spread of Dengue fever, we released guppy fish into local water sources (lakes, wells, etc.) to eliminate mosquito larvae.

Another survey conducted by the Institute revealed that the local community is addicted to tobacco and related products. In order to fight against this issue, we conducted a special awareness programme for our students. Later on, these trained representatives spread awareness among society through means of counselling and street play. Due to tobacco and related products, oral health is much affected; hence, we organised a free oral health check-up camp for the community. Another example of an act of kindness by the Institute is the distribution of free medicines to the local community through the means of special health camps. To date, the institute has conducted 13 different activities to solve the health problems of society during the last five years. Along with such acts, the institute always focuses on the health and hygiene of society. This flashes light on our act of being a beacon of hope for solving health issues in society.

Synchronising with the national health policy of 'Swasth Bharat'

The government of India has launched its plan for improving the health of its citizens, among which the key aspects are information about diseases, quitting tobacco for life, blood donation, Fit India, etc. We feel privileged to arrange a blood donation camp at our institute; every year we organise a blood donation camp to fulfil the need for societal health. As discussed earlier, spreading awareness about the disease is a regular practise of our institute, which also informs the nation's policy. Our students have secured prizes in the Government of India-supported Khelo India and Fit India movements. All these activities lead to a healthy society, which eventually complies with ‘Swasth Bharat Abhiyan’. Along with health, hygiene is equally important, and our institute did remarkably well under the "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" scheme. We have arranged several cleanliness drives in the local society; along with that, our campus also supports solid and liquid waste management, which also supports keeping a healthy environment.

Concerning the thrust and priority of creating competent pharmacy professionals, chosen by the institute, the facts presented and successes achieved denote progress in attaining the vision of the institute. Being the torch bearer for budding pharmacists, we always make them aware of their responsibilities as a member of the health care team. Our motto is to shape the present generation for tomorrow’s better India.

Following programs are conducted to showcase Institutional Distinctiveness

1. Member of Health care team

Sr. No. Name of Program Date of program No. of Participants
1. Help to flood affected people 19th Nov, 2019 150
2. Dengue Awareness Program 20th Aug, 2021 152
3. Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav , Cleanliness Program 02nd Oct, 2021 302
4. Guest Lecture on World Mental Health Day 11th Oct, 2021 116
5. Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, Health Check-up Camp 09th- 10th Dec, 2021 126
6. Vaccination Drive 09th- 10th Dec, 2021 65
7. Vaccination Drive (Age 15 to 18 Year) 6th - 7thJan, 2022 192
8. Donation of Food material to labour (Executive director Sir’s Birthday) 13th Mar, 2022 125
9. AKAM - World Health Day (Blood Donation Camp) 07th April, 2022 193
10. Blood Donation Camp 07th Jul, 2022 164
11. World Pharmacist Day (Blood Donation Camp) 25th Sep 2022 50

2. Educator for young healthcare team

Sr. No. Name of Program Date of program No. of Participants
1.   Dengue Awareness Program 20th Aug, 2021 152
2.   Online Quiz on International Alzheimer’s Day 26th Sep, 2021 214
3. Online Quiz on International World Arthritis Day 12th Oct, 2021 76
4. Awareness for Vaccination 09th- 10th Dec, 2021 65
5. Competition on World Cancer Day 04th Feb, 2022 127
6. Rally on World TB Day 24th Mar, 2022 110

3. Beacon of hope for solving health issues of society

Sr. No. Name of Program Date of program No. of Participants
1. No Smoking Day 09th Mar, 2022 136
2. Rally on World Malaria Day 25th Apr, 2022 95
3. Guest lecture of World Asthma Day 04th May, 2022 185
4. Rally on World Mosquito Day 20th Aug, 2022 162
5. Quiz on World Alzheimer Day 21thSep, 2022 175
6. Shivaji University Social Activity ‘Health check-up camp’ 18th Mar, 2022 27
7. Health and Hygiene Awareness program   All students

4. Synchronizing with the national health policy of 'Swachh Bharat'

Sr. No. Name of Program Date of program No. of Participants
1. AICTE Fit India Program - 350
2. NSS Camp at Mirajwadi 10th to 16th Feb, 2020 55
3. NSS Special Camp at Mirajwadi 14th to 20th March 2022 65
4. Shivaji University Social Activity ‘Swachh Bharat, Samrudha Bharat’ 31st Mar 2022 More than 1500
5. International Yoga day 21st Jun 2022 292