Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

About Department


This department helps the diploma students to understand the basic concepts of Quality, Purity and Synthesis of pharmaceutical substances. The students get familiarize with different organic and inorganic substances used in pharmacy, along with their synthesis, chemical nature, identification tests, Assay, limits of impurities etc. In the chemistry department various equipment’s are provided to develop analytical skills in the students. The department also provides guidelines, good laboratory practices while performing Qualitative and quantitave analysis as per the curriculum, so that student can apply analytical skill in developing good commercial quality pharmaceutical product.

Salient Features of Department

  • The Department has spacious working place. Each laboratory of department is well equipped instruments and facilitated with chemicals, glassware’s, equipment’s and lab-wares.
  • Practical’s and/or assignments are carried out according to the academic schedule and enough time is available with student to peruse the knowledge.
  • Adequate Faculty members are available
  • Student can access the library facilities during the practical session.

Infrastructure & Laboratories


Lab Detail: Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory

Sr. No Name Details
01 Lab Area 103.24 Sq.m
02 List of major equipment’s
  • Polarimeter
  • Digital Colorimeter
  • pH meter
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Water bath
  • Centrifuge
  • Vacuum Pump
03 Practical’s conducted in laboratory All experiments related to Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Social Pharmacy