Secretary Desk

Adv. Rajendra R. Dange


Dear students and colleagues, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2015-16 academic year at ADCP, Ashta,Sangli. This is our thirteenth year in this campus and we are committed to provide top quality education to our students.

ADCP is an Institute with a vision to be a premier provider of career focused high education institution in the Western Maharashtra. You, our students, are going to be a part of making this vision come true. We welcome you to a new and exciting learning environment in ADCP, dedicated to training the future professionals and leaders in business, pharmaceutical technology, service and innovation.

I am confident that you will find your experience at ADCP enriching, exciting and productive. With access to leading faculty, innovative degree programs, extensive resources and the latest learning technology. ADCP students will be well prepared to enter into their chosen professions and compete and lead in the global market.

ADCP is committed to fulfilling only the highest standards for higher education. Moreover, ADCP own faculty members are bringing their valuable knowledge and experience to the students to empower innovative thinking that can be applied in practical settings. ADCP is dedicated to the development of students' competencies in pharmaceutical, finance, and leadership as well as their successful integration into a global society.

I personally wish you the best in your academic studies and life experiences at ADCP and we all look forward to your contributions to this great institution.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to help you grow and explore!