About Us

About us

“Sciencia” technical magazine incepted in 2018-19 by the visionary founder member Hon. Annasaheb Dange (Appa) to provide the platform for scientific ideas, innovation, conceptualization in the form of article in “Sciencia” magazine for the betterment of societal health. Every year 26th January as mark of republic day “Sciencia” is released. Student editorial board members will be changed every year to get equal opportunities for overall development and establish professional identity.

We explore and share ideas, novelty innovation, and technological aspects through the magazine. In the meantime, we are trying to emphasize on current demand or scenario on today’s healthcare system in the word to find the best solution to healthy society. We provide opportunities to faculties and students to explore their ideas, novelty and technological aspects through magazine.

As per the vision of our institute to create competent pharmacy professionals who can efficiently contribute to the healthcare system of society, the “Science” takes role to develop their professional identity, nurture their skills and cater the health care information on new concepts.