Committee and Functions

Committee and Functions

Research and Development Committee

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Designation
1 Dr. Mahesh G. Saralaya
Principal & Professor ADCBP Ashta
2 Mr. G. D. Mote
Asst. Prof. Dept. Of Pharm. Chem
Member Secretory
3 Mr. S. M. Honmane
Asst. Prof Dept. of Pharmaceutics
4 Mr. S.N Pattekari
Asst. Prof Dept. of Pharmaceutics
5 Mr. N. M. Jangade
Asst. Prof. Dept. Of Pharm. Chem.

The committee consist of faculties from various departments of the institute. The committee looks for smooth and efficient co-ordination of research and development activities within institute which ultimately leads to institute development. The committee will contribute towards valuable inputs to foster research and development activities within the institute. The committee will plan, promote and evaluate the R & D activities at the institute level.


  • To motivate the faculty members and the students for R&D activities in the area of their specialization.
  • To promote research activities in frontier areas of Pharma field.
  • To enhance the research output of the institute by research paper publication in referred journals and presentation of papers in reputed conferences.
  • To promote Institute- R&D Organization- Industry Collaboration
  • To encourage Core Competence and Consultancy work.
  • To organize various workshops/ seminar/ trainings related to promotion of research.
  • To create awareness about filing Patents & IPR.
  • To undertake research activities and development projects offered by agencies such as DRDO,RCI, DST, AICTE, UGC, etc.