Book Publications

Book Publications Details

01. No. Books published by Faculty Members

Sl. No Name of Staff Details of Book Year of Publication Name of Publisher
1 Ms. Jadhav P.H Pharmaceutics Practical II as per PCI syllabus for Post Graduate students in pharmaceutical sciences 2021 Giwarnajyoti prakashan Mumbai
2 Mr. Honmane S.M A PRACTICAL BOOK OF INDUSTRIAL PHARMACY-I, Published by 2020 Nirali Prakashan, Pune
3 Ms. Momin Y.H Textbook of Pharmaceutical analysis I as per revised PCI syllabus 2019 CBS Publishers and distributors PVT.LTD
4 Mr. Honmane S.M A PRACTICAL MANUAL OF PHARMACEUTICS-I, Published by 2019 Career Publications, Nasik
5 Dr. S.R. Jagtap A Practical Book of Herbal Drug Technology 2022 Unnati Publication
6 Mr. Mote G.D. A Practical Book of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-II 2022 Pritam Publication
7 Ms. S. P.Desai A Text Book Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry-II Theory 2022 Career Publication

02. No. Book Chapters published by Faculty Members

Sr. No Name of staff Details of Book chapter Year of Publication Name of Publisher
1 Mr. Pattekari S. N Book chapter: Ophthalmic Delivery of Hydrophilic Drugs : Nanotherapeutics and Reverse Micelle Based Formulation Strategies In book: Micro and nanotechnologies based product development 2021 CRC Press (Taylor and Francis)
2 Ms. Jadhav P.H Descriptive study: In silico and Physiochemical assessment of the effectiveness of hydroxyl amino acids auxiliary substances to improve the complexation efficiency of beta cyclodextrin towards bosentan 2020 Current Perspectives on Chemical Sciences Vol. 5

Academic Year 2019-2020

Sr. No. Author(s) Name Book/Book chapter Title Publisher and Year
1. Mr. Swapnil S. Patil International Book name- “Trends in Pharmaceutical Research and Development” --
2. Mr. Swapnil S. Patil Selected Book chapter “Application of 22 level factorial design in formulation and evaluation of spherical agglomerates by solvent change method” --
3. P. A. Jadhav,V. T. Deshmukh, T. V. Deshmukh, S. S. Kadam A series of MCQ’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences Unicorn Publication, Pune, 2015
4. Dr. A. V. Yadav, P. A. Jadhav Calculations in Pharmaceutical Sciences Nirali Prakashan, Pune, 2016
5. Sandip M. Honmane, Dhanraj R. Jadage, Sanjaykumar B. Bari, Pravin D. Chaudhari. A Practical Manual of Pharmaceutics - I Carrier Publication,2017
6. Dr. A. V. Yadav, P. A. Jadhav, S. S. Kadam Phytopharmaceuticals Nirali Prakashan, Pune, 2018
7. Dr. S. B. Bari, Yasmin Momin, D. Jadge, V. Yeligar Textbook of Pharmaceutical Analysis-I CBS Publisher and Distributors, 2019
8. Dr. Ashok A.Hajare, Sandip M. Honmane A Practical Book of Industrial Pharmacy - I Nirali Prakashan,2019
9. Swapnil S. Patil Book chapter- Spherical Agglomerates – Technique of particle designing Book Publisher International 2020
10. P. A. Jadhav, S. S. Kadam Enhancement of Solubility & Dissolution Rate of Griseofulvin Lambert Publication, 2020
11. Mr. Shashikant S Upadhye “Formulation and Evaluation of Anti-Ulcer Floating Tablet Using Swellable Polymers” Lambert Publication, 2020
12. Ms.Shailaja Desai, Sneha Jagtap , Dipali Patil Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds Lambert Publication, 2020
13. Mr. Rajesh Jagtap, Sneha Jagtap, Sandeep Chavan Controlled Drug Delivery of Hydrophobic Drug. Lambert Publication, 2020
14. Swapnil S. Patil, Spherical Agglomeration; a novel technique of particle designing Lambert Academic Publishing.2018
15. Ms. Kharat S.S, Mr. Mote G.D, Mr. Yadav V.D Formulation and evaluation of hydrogel containing silver nanoparticle and antimicrobial drug Lambert academic publisher, 2020
16. Mr Nasruddin Inamdar, De Sachin Patil Formulation and Standardization of Avaleha from Benincasahispida Lambert academic publisher, 2020