Guardian-Teacher Scheme

Cell for Guardian & Parent Interaction Cell

Academic Year 2023-24

Sr. No. Name of Member Designation
1.      Prof (Dr.)M. G. Saralaya , Principal Head
2.      Mr. G. D. Mote, Asst. Prof. Member Secretory
3.      Mr. S. J. Sajane, Vice Principal, Admin Member
4.      Dr. E.T. Tamboli, Vice Principal, Academic Member
5.      Mr. K.M Thorawade Asst. Prof. Member
6.      Mr. N. D. Patil, Asst. Prof Member
7.      Mr. Shivam Kulkarni, Final Year B. Pharm Member
8.      Ms. Shivani D. Kumbhar, Final Year B. Pharm Member
9.      Mr. Vishal Ghaste, T.Y. B.Pharm Member
10.                         Ms. Kiran Shinde, T.Y. B. Pharm Member
11.                       Mr. Sakshi Chougule, S.Y. B.Pharm Member
12.                         Mr. Samarth Mahind, S.Y. B. Pharm Member
13.                         Ms. Samiksha Pawar, F.Y. B. Pharm Member
14.                         Ms. Pawar Ankita, F.Y. B. Pharm Member
15.                         Dhondiram Shinde, Parent Member
16.                         Devendra Aute, Parent Member

Objectives of the committee

  • To coordinate with parents through regular meetings & other ways of communication to bring their attention on the performance/attendance of the ward & also regularly conduct feedback on performance & infrastructural facilities of the institute.
  • 2. To encourage the Parents to participate in development & transformation of their ward.