Cell for Competitive Examinations

Cell for Competitive Examinations

Sr. No. Name of Member Designation
1 Dr. Mahesh G. Saralaya
Principal ADCBP, Ashta
2 Mr. P. A. Jadhav
Assistant Professor ,ADCBP, Ashta.
Member Coordinator
3 Mr. A. K. Mullani
Assistant Professor ,ADCBP, Ashta.
Member (Staff)
4 Mr. S. M. Honmane
Assistant Professor ,ADCBP, Ashta.
Member (Staff)
5 Ms. S. T. Tarlekar
Assistant Professor ,ADCBP, Ashta.
Member (Staff)
6 Ms. Nishigandha Patil Member (Student)
7 Mr. Saurabh Parbhankar Member (Student)
8 Mr. Aditya Bandgar Member (Student)
9 Ms. Apurva Shipekar Member (Student)
10 Mr. Sadashiv Desai Member (Student)
11 Mr. Santosh Sargar Member (Student)
12 Ms. Aradhana Vaydande Member (Student)
13 Mr. Chaitanya Karpe Member (Student)
14 Ms. Pratiksha Jamdade Member (Student)
15 Mr. Shivraj Tondare Member (Student)
16 Mr. Gopal Pawar Member (Student)
17 Ms. Pratibha Patil Member (Student)
18 Ms. Sukanya Goswami Member (Student)
19 Mr. Varad Ganmukh Member (Student)
  • The objective of the CCE is to provide in-house support to the students appearing for various competitive examinations. This will facilitate them to prepare for higher education & thus widen scope for professional career.
  • The cell is expected to guide them about details of various competitive examinations such as GPAT, NIPER Entrance, GATE, GRE, TOEFL, CMAT, UPSC, MPSC, MBA CET etc in the beginning of the course so that they can plan their career systematically.
  • The cell may assist students by displaying notifications, schedules, expert guidance sessions, organizing events whereby students will analyze their suitability for further studies. The cell can hire help from outside experts for this purpose.
  • The cell should assist students in getting study material, books, relevant websites etc.
  • Prepare budget for the cell activities for approval in the month of April & forward activity plan of next academic session for incorporation into Academic Planner.
  • Report summary to the head of institute in the form of resources available, systems or mechanisms evolved & impact. Identify deviations from predetermined norms if any & incorporate statements in the summary report on possible remedies/ further actions.

GPAT 2021 Qualified Students

Sr. No. Name of Student Percentage in GPAT AIR Class
1 Miss. Shubhangi Savale 99.81% 85 Final Year
2 Miss. Shweta Jadhav 99.38% 280 Final Year
3 Mr. Shreyash Gaikwad 99.20% 361 Final Year
4 Mr. Suraj Gurav 95.93 1851 Final Year
5 Mr. Rais Shikalgar 95.67 1969 Final year
6 Miss. Aafrin Jamadar 95.02 2267 Final year
7 Miss. Supriya Ajetrao 94.23 2625 Final year
8 Mr. Santosh Sargar 93.93 2761 Final year
9 Miss. Aasiya Dadel 90.75 4208 Final year
10 Miss. Poonam Sargar 90.75 4208 Final year
11 Miss. Pranali Bhandare 78.86 9620 Final year

GPAT 2020 Qualified Students

Sr. No. Name of Student Percentage in GPAT Class
1 Ms. Shinde Prajakta Mohan 97.11% Final Year
2 Ms. Bandgar Monika Shahaji 92.85% Final Year
3 Ms. Kamble Geetanjali Hanmant 91.84% Final Year
4 Ms. Ajetrao Supriya Dhanaji 86.78% Third Year
5 Ms. Kamble Ravina Mohan 79.34% Final Year

NIPER JEE 2020 Qualified Students

Sr. No. Name of Student All India Rank Class
1 Ms. Shinde Prajakta Mohan 1208 Final Year
2 Ms. Kamble Geetanjali Hanmant 1591 Final Year
3 Ms. Bandgar Monika Shahaji 1652 Final Year
4 Ms. Kamble Ravina Mohan 2167 Third Year